Day Picnic FAQ’s

Q :- Is this a Hotel or a Resort ?
Ans :- This is not a hotel or a resort , this is my personal farm house, its Agro tourism centre.

Q:- Can we come for a day’s visit ?
Ans :- Yes , you can come for a day picnic.

Q:- What are the timings for day picnic at Pavnahutss?
Ans:- – 9.30am-5pm

Q:- Do you have stay facility @ Pavna Hutss?
Ans:- Yes we do have overnight stay facility also.

Q:- What are the charges for the day Picnic @ Pavna Hutss?
Ans :-  Please visit our pricing page for the same

Q:- What does the Day package include ?
Ans :- Please visit our pricing page for the same

Q:-What are the in house activities and are the included in the package ?
Ans :- The in house activities are  “swimming , boating , kayaking, water slides, trampoline , Burma Bridge , music & dance , mud bath, team building games, cricket, volley ball, foot ball etc.

Q:- What are the team building activities we can enjoy ?
Ans : Team building activities include “Tug of War , Lagori, Langdi, kho kho, kabaddi, blind fold, musical chair, dumb sharrads , management games ” etc.

Q:- Do we have to pay anything extra for these activities ?
Ans:- No! All the above mentioned activities are included in the day package ?

Q : Can we get Hi Tea ?
Ans :- Yes ! Hi Tea can be made available at no extra cost

Q: What would be included in hi tea ?
Ans :- 1 plate of kanda bhajia / aloo bhajia with a cup of tea.

Q :- Do you provide jain food ?
Ans :- Yes! We do provide jain food (food without onion, garlic, potatoes etc.)