Organize the Best Picnic

How to Throw the Best Picnic
Submitted by: Chris Carson

Picnics are an age-old tradition that many associate with a sappy, romantic gesture performed by some overly brazen male in effort to win a female’s affections. However, there are an abundance of reasons to picnic including family gatherings, friendly outings or church functions amongst others. Planning a picnic is simple and the only real requirement is eating a meal outdoors. In fact, you could picnic in your backyard if you so choose. But that wouldn’t be the best picnic, would it? Here are a few tips for organizing and throwing the best picnic imaginable.

1) Prepare the Best Food

A great meal can liven up any occasion. Just because you are going to be on a picnic doesn’t mean you have to only eat a bland sandwich with 2 pieces of bread some Miracle Whip and slices of pre-packaged meat and cheese. Spice up the meal quality with some fresh-made hummus or guacamole. Make a tasty pasta salad and unique sandwiches with delicious spreads and ingredients, like this New Orleans Muffuletta.

2) Pick a Great Location

When choosing a picnic location you want to give yourself a place which offers a variety of activities. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area which has some sort of waterfront (ocean or lake), that can be a splendid option. The presence of the water allows for the potential of swimming and other water games. If there is sand you can set-up a beach volleyball game or even horseshoes. If you aren’t near any water, maybe a wooded area for a hiking excursion would be your best bet. You need to find a location that offers a nice blend of potential activities and comfort for a picnic.

Ideally you’re location will have picnic tables, but if not you can always bring your own blanket and set up shop that way.

3) Picnic Basket

What’s a picnic without a bona fide picnic basket, right? There are dozens of options for picnic baskets available ranging from classic wicker basket style to more contemporary camping styled backpacks. offers a fine variety of baskets and other outdoor supplies that will ensure your picnic will be a hit. If you spend over $150 (which won’t be hard to do) you’ll even pull in a free blanket. If you are a college sports fan they offer team-themed gear from a variety of popular schools. More than simple picnic baskets, supplies you with unique storage devices for carrying wine & cheese, for example. Many of their baskets come with unique compartments which make storage and transport easier than ever.

Planning a picnic is simple – planning the best picnic not as simple. The fundamental elements to throwing a good picnic are a great meal and a great location. Spice up the meal by cooking unique and delicious dishes that can be served cold (room temperature). Pick a location which offers plenty of activities to indulge yourself before and after your meal. Finally, package the picnic in a picnic basket from

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