Fun Picnics Indoors

Fun Picnics Indoors
by Dave Lindstrom

Who says that a picnic has to be outdoors? It’s not set in stone that picnics just have to be outdoors. What if one or more family members are under the weather? Why cancel your fun? You can always choose to have your picnic inside.

We have some great ideas for having your picnic indoors.

For whatever reason you have to be indoors for your picnic, you can still have just as much fun as if it was being held outdoors. Start the fun by setting the scene. Where will the setting be, your favorite beach or park?

The choice is yours to imagine.

First, decide where in the room you want to have your picnic. The living room is the usual spot but the family room or the den may be more ideal in your home. Find your picnic blanket and spread it out for everyone to sit on.

If you were pretending to be at the beach, each person would have their own blanket or towel to sit on.

At the beach you have sand and umbrellas and bathing suits. Since we are indoors for this picnic, you may want to opt for shorts instead of swimsuits and maybe not the sand, and you could still set up an umbrella. Spread the sand toys, buckets, shovels, and plastic seashells around the room.

Pin up on the wall some big colorful sun pictures, especially on a rainy day to cheer up the picnic.

Indoor picnics can be intimate occasions as well. When the kids are small it may not be feasible to sneak away for an outdoor picnic. When they are asleep and tucked into their beds, steel away into the living room for a romantic picnic for just the two of you.

Setting the scene for an indoor romantic picnic would include using candlelight and music to set the mood.

Having the convenience of your kitchen is a huge advantage to having an indoor picnic. There is no preplanning other than making sure that you have the food you want to eat available in the fridge. Use an indoor grill or skillet for grilling your hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks and chicken.

Even cleanup can wait until the next day if you want.

The best part about an indoor picnic is the fact that there are no bugs or noise ordinances.

In the comfort of your own home you can play music, sing, laugh and have a great time and no one will bother you.

No boring or corny indoor picnics here, just the fun we create. Treat it just like a picnic outside in the fresh air. Create a party atmosphere and play games. Somehow even at home food tastes better when eaten on a blanket.

Give it a try tonight.

Don’t forget about going for a nice drive and having a picnic in your car. Drive to a scenic spot, say the ocean or mountain top, park your car and enjoy the special picnic you have prepared.

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