Picnic at Its Best

Picnic at Its Best
Submitted by: Adrian Gowels

Christmas vacation is the only time when we relatives meets up together and decides to explore place which we never ever explored before. We decide to explore Malvan which comes under Konkan area. As always we were very much excited in exploring this part of the world. It was our first outing to everywhere in Maharashtra. We collected as many information as possible about Malvan and I think it is a pre-requisite before any outing.

Since it was not a trek we decided to do everything very comfortable. We booked our accommodations in Hotel Sagar Kinara for five days. Since we had some contacts with Panoramic Universal Limited, we got some discounts in this hotel. Our trip was just after two weeks of first rain in Mumbai. By the time we reached Malvan, we clicked more than thousands of pictures on our SLR. Everything in there had its own beauty and worth capturing for our memories. There were boys playing in the rain and their clothes were completely drenched in the rain. We couldn’t resist ourselves seeing those innocent kids playing; we joined them and had a good match of football. Till the time we reached Sagar Kinara, we were completely drenched with dirt and mud. We were not sure how would they react as no one will knowingly agree to spoil their property. They asked us to clean ourselves in the sea and they will take care of our luggage.

It was another two hours of fun in the sea shore. We all acted as a crazy people who have never saw a sea shore in their lifetime. We were screaming all the way to the shores and again after immersing one other in the sea we got back to the hotel. In the mean period we asked them to prepare some good Malvani dishes for our lunch. By the time we got ourselves refreshed by having a good bath at the hotel we dumped in to the lunch and ate it as there is no tomorrow. At the end it was a very heavy lunch and we slept for the next four hours. The Malvani cuisine had some of the best fish curry we had in times. Unlike other hotels where they have soda in the rice, Sagar Kinara don’t practice such things, as we had a good diet for the whole five days.

The next four days were spent in sightseeing. We visited Sindhudurg fort, Tharkarli beach, Rameshwar temple and undertaking water based activities. Snorkeling and scuba diving were the water sport activities which we liked the most. It was all together a different and exciting things to do when in Malvan. I would request one and each one of you at least visit Malvan, once in a lifetime. Five days of pure enjoyment amidst the greenery and the beach. It was the only outing of us where in we had five GBs of images and video. We had to upload all the images and videos in to our laptop each day as the memory of the card gets exhausted. But over all time spent in Panoramic Group’s.Malavan Sagar Kinara was awesome experience!

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