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Top 5 Things Most People Forget to bring on a Picnic by Megan Guzman

Planning a picnic for whatever reason can be a fun task, but when you spend hours planning the perfect picnic then get to your destination and set everything up just to realize that you’ve forgotten a few picnic supplies, that can be very frustrating. To help you in your picnic planning here is a list of the top 5 things that people tend to forget to bring when planning a picnic.

Picnic Blanket: A picnic blanket is a key staple to any picnic supplies list. You don’t want to have to sit on the bare ground while trying to eat your meal. Keep a blanket or two in a Space Bag, in your trunk, for occasions like this. Keeping them in a Space Bag, will keep them clean and fresh until you need them, without taking up much room in your trunk.

Sunscreen: This is something that many people forget, and then later they really regret it. You may want to keep an extra bottle of sunscreen in your vehicle for times like this, where sunscreen may be the last thing on your mind until you realize you don’t have any.

Insect Repellant: This is another one of those picnic supplies that tends to be forgotten until you realize you need some. Insect repellant can be a very important item, especially if you are planning a picnic in the woods, or a place with many trees. An outdoor fogger in your picnic area turned on about 15 minutes prior to setting everything up is a great idea, it helps to ward off any little pests that might try to annoy you during your picnic.

Corkscrew: For those of you that are planning a romantic picnic and you plan on bringing a bottle of wine, don’t forget the corkscrew. It’s not very easy (or romantic) to have to try to scrounge up some other object in order to try to get the cork out. For you guys that frequently forget the corkscrew: NO, we don’t want you to try to open it with your pocket knife, that may have been used for God only knows what. So don’t forget the corkscrew!

Trash Bags: This one should be easy to remember, but yet, is so often forgotten. No one wants to be a litter bug, so make sure that you have a trash bag handy for any trash that you may have during or after your picnic. An easy way to remember this one is to simply keep a couple of trash bags in your picnic basket. One can be used at the bottom of the basket to catch any potential spills, and then it may turn out to be handy if you forget to bring a garbage bag along.
Picnics are so much fun, and they can be very romantic too. Don’t let a little thing like forgetting one of these items put a damper on your outing, just be prepared ahead of time and everything will be fine. Many of these items can be in an accessible place at all times, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting them. For instance, you can keep a picnic backpack in you trunk at all times with a picnic blanket, trash bags, corkscrew, sunscreen and insect repellant in it. This will ensure you have all you need when you get ready to plan your next picnic. These items can also come in handy in emergency situations as well. So take the stress off and be prepared ahead of time, that way you’re almost guaranteed a great stress free picnic.

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