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A waterproof picnic blanket is essential if you are thinking it’s time for a nice outdoor picnic in the park, or the beach, lake shore, clearing in the woods, hilltop field or meadow, or even your own back yard. Be sure to make it an enjoyable affair with a waterproof picnic blanket that you can find and buy at discount prices. This type of picnic blanket is essential so that you do not find yourself sitting directly on the ground. Some folks would not think twice about not having a picnic blanket for the picnic outing, whether it be with a special loved one or the family and close friends. But you would be surprised at home many others fail to think of having at least one, if not more, of these essential outdoor picnic supply items.

As an avid picnic planner and picnic goer and writer about picnics and necessary outdoor picnic supplies [http://outdoorpicnicsupplies.blogspot.com] and accessories, I am often asked where to get an excellent selection and variety of waterproof picnic blankets, sometimes referred to as outdoor waterproof picnic rugs and at great prices so as to save money. People do not want to, nor should they, overpay for their picnic blanket, especially if they are getting more than one. The best places to look are online for the largest inventory to choose from. You want to be able to decide among many available and see a wide selection covering different sizes, colors, styles, designs, material, and other features. For example, what if you want an attractive blue, green, and white plaid waterproof picnic blanket with a soft polar fleece top (on which you sit) and a sturdy nylon bottom (which faces the ground)? Maybe you want a solid red or navy blue or orange top and a vinyl bottom. You can also get waterproof picnic blankets that double as totes or backpacks which can help you carry the blanket along with all the other things you will need for a nice outdoor picnic, like a picnic coolor, basket, food, picnic or camping chairs, a few small games, plates, utensils, napkins and paper towels, plastic or paper drinking cups, cleaning supplies, and maybe even cooking equipment if you plan a picnic menu where you will heat and eat. To make it easier to carry your waterproof picnic blanket, you can get a design that includes built it hand carry handles. Thread your belt through them to carry it around your waist as you walk or hike to your picnic area and free up your hands to carry other essentials.

Waterproof picnic blankets also come in different weights and thicknesses. You can choose a lighter weight one making it easier to haul around or a more durable heavyweight style that will take more abuse on the ground. Size is important too. A smaller blanket will be just fine if your picnic involves just you and your special someone. But if the whole gang is tagging along, then you will want a larger one so that everyone can have a place to sit and stay nice and dry from potentially damp ground below. Better yet, you can and should have several picnic blankets. This way you can set them out adjacent to one another or slightly overlapping to give you a huge covered blanketed area with ample room for everyone to either sit or lounge or even lay down if they choose. Not only will everyone stay dry, but they will also stay clean. The waterproof picnic blanket provides an effective way to stay clean from dirt and grass stains, and wettnes and moisture will not soak through to the top of the blanket as would be the case with a regular fabric bedding type of blanket.

A successful and fun outdoor picnic begins with the right foundation and that is the blanket you put on the ground. It defines your picnic space, sets the mood with its color and design, and gives your picnic gathering a comfortable, soft, dry place to be to eat and relax while enjoying their picnic in the great outdoors. You can find an excellent selection and save money on a waterproof picnic blanket here when you are looking to add to your collection or just shopping for your first waterproof picnic blanket.

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