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Picnic Food Ideas by the Picnic Shop
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With a bit of imagination, you would be amazed how romantic and surprising your picnic can be. Take a break from today’s hectic lifestyle and spend some time outdoors, enjoying nature around you.

As you probably know great picnic parties begin with delicious picnic food ideas! Take a moment to spend a wonderful time outdoors, plan a picnic party with various picnic food recipes and drinks. Plan an amazing trip out of town with romantic and creative outing.

Outdoor parties have become an integral part of our culture due to the flexibility, convenience and fun. You can make a great picnic party on a beautiful day in a park or garden, at the beach, in the mountains or by a river.

Important Picnic Food Ideas:

•Even if you’re a gourmet cook and really enjoy cooking, we advise you to prepare the easiest picnic food recipes. We recommend you to prepare light snacks. It’s no fun to cook picnic food recipes that are time consuming and will take forever to prepare.

•Picnic party food can range from a light food, like delicious cake and ice cream to full meal meats and salads. However, just cake and ice cream seems a bit skimpy, so you may put in your picnic basket some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, pizza for dinner, some fruits and vegetables, some cheese and crackers and the likes.

•If you have a huge picnic party or an overnight camp outside, you will really need to prepare delicious picnic food recipes, tasty evening snacks and breakfast. So, pack enough picnic food in your practical picnic basket if you are going to spend a long time outside.

•Since you want to be prepared and well organized you should take all necessary picnic accessories, pack some extra clothes that are warm and thick along with a cozy picnic blanket to sit on.

•Make sure that you will be able to transport your entire picnic accessories and picnic food easily and comfortably.

•If you want to try to cook new picnic food recipes take advantage of useful BBQ accessories and picnic tools.

Take advantage of our insulated tote bags and picnic coolers where you can put the delicious picnic food into that you prepared in advance and easily transport your picnic food recipes to your destination that will simplify your cooking experience.

Picnics can be even more interesting and fun if you experiment with new food ideas for a picnic parties and creative picnic food recipes.

Enjoy the comfort with all the modern advantages offered by items such as a willow picnic basket, backpack with insulated compartments, wine tote, picnic folding chair and rolling cooler trolley, which will help you with carrying your picnic foods and drinks.

The Picnic Shop offers ideas on how to carry foods and beverages safely using our insulated picnic baskets, wine carriers or lunch boxes.

The most difficult thing about organizing a party is bringing everything, like all the irreplaceable picnic accessories and ingredients. Before packing stop by your nearest grocery store and get all your picnic essentials.

• Plan ahead; try to take as much as you will eat, so you won’t have to worry about leftovers.

• Do not partially precook meats or poultry before transporting. Cook it until done then chill it before packing in the lunch box.

• Put the cooler in the passenger compartment of your car rather than the hot trunk and keep it in the shade once you take it out of your car.

• If you cook food ahead of time make sure you chill thoroughly. If you take hot food, wrap the dish in aluminum foil to keep it above 140F, if it is a long trip it is better not to take a hot dish.

• When packing for a picnic, don’t forget these essentials in your picnic lunch box: a picnic blanket, insect repellent, napkins, plates, serving utensils, cups, a corkscrew, paper towel, wipes and garbage bags.

Relax and forget about today’s busy lifestyle. Follow our useful picnic food ideas and enjoy your wonderful day outside!

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