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We had been looking forward to the annual school picnic right from the first day in class X. Our annual school picnic used to be held on the 31st of December every year and it was always a special affair. This year it was all the more special because it would be the last. It was class X! We would be leaving school, many of us, and this would be the last of the many such picnics that had become unforgettable experiences in our life.

Ten years of school taught me that school students are of two types: the good and the naughty. The latter number far outweighs the former and the best thing is that naughty students pride themselves on their naughtiness and even tell tales of the same with unmistakable glee. As may be evident by now, I certainly belonged to the “naughty” group, and was well renowned with class-mates and teachers for all my antics.

The attraction of going on a school picnic was greatly peppered by the opportunities it provided for unrestrained mischief. But this year was different. The charm of the picnic lay elsewhere this time: it was nostalgia washed with memories stretching back to childhood.

That morning I woke up earlier then usual. The alarm did not have to ring at six o’clock for I was up at 5:00. We were scheduled to meet at the school gate at 7 sharp. Mrs. Molly was a hard taskmaster and tolerated no licenses. No, not even on a picnic day. But on the 31st of December 2009, the urgency was all mine. Far from being late, I was actually rushing down to the school gate all through the night. My mind ran back and forth, recalling randomly all the mish-mash of memories from the treasure-house of my experiences. At 5:30 I had already bathed and went to the terrace to view the sunrise in the winter chill. It was a beautiful sight, solemnizing the beauty of the day. At the same time it also made me thoughtful. I realized that life has many chapters, and if one closes, the other is about to begin.

Hurriedly collecting my thoughts I went downstairs to gobble the breakfast that my mother had readied by now. She had also packed a host of goodies for me and my friends. There were the usual favourites such as her special plum cake, pasta, and french fries. But what was a picnic without a basketful of fruits? So apples, guavas, oranges and bananas peacefully co-existed in the large wicker basket that had been my constant companion in all my school picnics. Mom understood that I was pensive, and told me that true friendships live on beyond the boundaries of time and space. I nodded. My mind was asking, “Really? Will Pallavi be my friend ten years down the line too? Will she never forget me?” Mom did not say much but she asked me to enjoy my day as it would be a special day all my life. I kissed her bye and realized that the day ahead was certainly going to be wonderful and memorable and this was no time for sadness.

I hurried out to the gate where Ramu kaka was waiting to drive me down to school. School was barely 10 minutes by car and I reached at 6:30. Many of my class mates had already arrived. Perhaps I was not the only one to have spent a sleepless night and woken up early that day. Pallavi was certainly waiting with bated breath for me and we hugged as soon as we met. Soon enough Rachna, Nidhi, Ritu, Sharmila and Jaya joined in. We had endless things to talk about and though we spent about 6 hours together everyday, the banter was constant. Mrs. Molly asked us to line up for the bus and we filed in, each one hankering for the last row of seats.

Comfortably seated, we started at 7 sharp. We were headed to Bandel Church where we would put in our prayers. Then we would go for a boat ride on the Ganges we were told. But all that really mattered that day was our togetherness. Even the fact that we were in school uniforms seemed a blessing that day. On earlier picnics how we wished that we would be allowed to wear what we wanted. But today the school dress was suddenly important. Suddenly we felt we would miss wearing this dress that had become a part of our identity.

Breakfast was to be had in the bus itself. We had our fill of bread, cakes, eggs and fruits. The bus reached Bandel Church at 8:30. We went in to the church to offer our prayers and light candles. The church was a sobering experience and it calmed us down. I thanked god for all the good things in my life and prayed for my friends. I prayed for my mom and dad and also asked for strength to choose the right thing to do.

We lighted candles and incense and took a detour of the Church premises. By the time all the girls had assembled at the gate of the church it was already ten and time for freshening up and a round of tea and snacks. A lodge had been booked and we went in there. Lunch was already being cooked and it was decided that we would go for the boat-ride post lunch. Right then, it was time for games. Right from antakshari to dumb-charades, we played what ever came to our minds and completely exhausted ourselves. We were now ready to attack lunch.

Lunch was a wholesome affair of pulao-roti-paneer-chicken. We ate to our hearts fill. By two everyone was full. Mrs. Molly asked us to rest for about an hour. The boat-ride would begin at 3.

The boat-ride on the river was an experience far beyond our expectations. The wobbly boat took us to the middle of the river where horizons seemed to fade on all sides. It was calm, as calm as calmness itself. We were enthralled. Soumi asked the boatman to sing for us and he was truly mesmerizing. Time stopped. The world seemed to recede far away. Life seemed peaceful.

Lost in my thoughts I was recalled back by Pallavi who pointed out that the sun was about to set. Mrs. Molly asked the boatman to steer shore-wards. We all watched in awe the dimming sun. I remembered how eagerly and with what a throbbing heart I had watched the sunrise in the morning. The much waited day was now going to be another page in the diary of my memory. But yes, I felt hopeful for the future. For I knew that the sun would rise again tomorrow.

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