Wine Picnic Baskets

Slowing down frenetic work patterns, soaking in soft green canopies, bird songs or murmuring beaches while sipping your favorite wine . . . picnics are a perfect getaway from concrete-jungle survival wars. They mean time for love, leisure and luxury, and to revitalize drooping bodies and spirits.

From the earliest known utilitarian hampers that were packed with goodies and sodas, today’s baskets range from functional and aesthetic to plush and expensive. Wine picnic baskets are a newer addition, specially designed to include glass wine bottles, prevent spillage and maintain the temperature that suits the wine best.

Whether buying one for yourself or as a gift, compact wine picnic totes or larger baskets are a welcome addition to any family collection. They can be given at showers, housewarming parties, anniversaries, corporate occasions and holiday celebrations. They cater to a maximum of six picnickers.

Wine picnic baskets are modeled in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and materials. They are assembled in easy-to-wash nylon, denim, polyester or canvas, as well as bamboo, rattan, willow, wood, leather or aluminum/steel-encased. They can include an antique finish, PVC/velvet-lining, thermal insulation, temperature control, a waterproof cooler section, extra sleeves/pockets/dividers, detachable pouches, re-useable trash bag, adjustable straps, Velcro fastenings, metal hinges/latches or customized brass accents.

Whether light, sturdy and durable or large, heavy and decadent, wine baskets come in backpack prototypes or useful trolley models, for ease of transportation and guaranteed safety to the products within. They come empty or with select items that include wine glasses, unbreakable crockery, corkscrews and simple linen accessories. Upgraded versions even come stocked up for a day at the golf course, wine and cheese outings, wine and fruit/chocolate escapade or wine and gourmet feast. Prices vary according to the model, add-ons and promised contents.

Wine picnic baskets trigger a torrent of positive feelings. Whatever the occasion, a wine picnic basket is always in vogue. It heralds relaxation and respite. Spelling an opportunity to break free from the mundane, it toasts merriment and conviviality. Bon appetit and let the spirits flow!

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