Planning a Picnic Date?

10 Safety Tips for Planning a Picnic Date
By Don Diebel

I highly recommend asking single women out for a picnic date. It’s very casual, relaxing, and romantic. It makes a good impression on women and it makes you stand out from other men she is used to dating. Not a lot of guys think of asking women out for a picnic date.

It’s very important that you follow guidelines to insure that you have a safe picnic. You certainly don’t want to make your date sick or even yourself. If she gets sick because of your ignorance or lack of concern for potential health problems associated with picnics, she may not want to see you again. You surely don’t want to risk her being pissed off because you made her sick.

Here are ten very important guidelines to follow so you will have a safe picnic and avoid any health problems associated with improper food hygiene, handling, bacteria, and temperature:

  • Be sure and select a picnic site with clean grills. If they are too dirty, be sure and cover them with clean aluminum foil and poke holes in the foil.
  • Foods kept in your ice chest should be below 40 degrees and before packing your food your ice chest should be cooled.
  • Keep any raw meats isolated from any other food items.
  • Ice chests should stored inside of your vehicle and not in your trunk where it is hot.
  • Be sure and wash your perishables and make sure that they are fresh.
  • If you are going to be using ice for your drinks, make sure that you don’t use ice that is in contact with foods. Ice may become contaminated that is in contact with food.
  • Do all your cooking at your picnic site. Don’t partially cook any food and bring it to the picnic to finish cooking it (this is unsafe).
  • All perishable foods should be chilled in your refrigerator prior to packing them in your ice chest.
  • Chicken and hamburger must be well cooked. You could get sick if they are only partially cooked.
  • When you pack your utensils and containers into your picnic basket make sure they are clean.

I know these are a lot of things to be concerned about, but it’s better to safe than sorry and have a safe and happy picnic. If you have ever gotten food poisoning, I’m sure you know that you can get very sick from contaminated food, liquids, or ice.

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